Hotel Management Systems

Hotel Management Systems

Buildings use over 40% of all electricity consumed in the world and are the highest producer of Co2 emissions. Building Management Systems offer the hotel owner a solution to eliminated wastage in all areas. Installing a Building Management System (BMS) will not only save you money but will also add value to the ‘staying’ or working experience for your guest and staff respectively. The system is typically a computer based monitoring system which controls areas of energy and water use. Larger systems extend to monitoring security and fire systems plus access systems, lifts and elevators . In short, your entire hotel can be controlled from a central point.

In recent years, large established computer companies like IBM have realised the value in offering Building Management Systems (BMS) to hotel chains with large property portfolios but smaller customised systems are also available to suite the smaller hospitality venue like Boutique Hotels , Lodges , B&B’s and Guest Houses.

What you need to know:

  • Choosing and installing the right system is critical to performance optimisation
  • The control point can be situated in the hotel and monitored internally, or be remotely monitored via satellite
  • Most providers offer outsourced monitoring for a flat monthly rate
  • BMS offers ‘real’ time reporting proactive prevention of problems occuring
  • Improves operational efficiency and response times
  • Sets norms and standard plus identifies areas of excessive energy or water usage
  • Reduces occupancy costs while improving occupancy rates
  • Reduces service and maintenance costs
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Adds market value to property investment
  • Additional services can extend to guest management, space management and capital investment portfolio management
  • BMS is included in rating tools worldwide offering valuable points for the likes of Green Star or LEED accreditation for your hotel


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