What Is The Perfect Kitchen?

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What is the perfect kitchen?´ you ask. Well, we´re glad you did. Because we have more than one answer, and we´re prepared to take you through the mill on what is going to work for you this year, and why.


The modern kitchen is all about efficiency. Speed to cabinet; sink to water usage; meal to clean up; it´s all about ratios and what works best for your home and family. Which is why the age of concealment is upon us. Wooden cabinets and shelving, interspersed so seamlessly as to seem invisible – this is a big one! Wood reacts well with most colour palettes, while keeping your kitchen integrated with that modernity you so love. Or, in a different way, wood can serve the vintage look just as well. Either way, wooden finishes in a minimalist kitchen is all the furore this year.

What to do, what to do?

 Clearly, Hansgrohe needs to step in to ensure that this perfect portrait remains intact. Which is why they offer the Talis S range of kitchen faucets, with a pull-out spout option which transforms any kitchen into an environmentally friendly, water-saving habitat for clean dishes.

The Talis S range comes with AirPower, a unique offering from Hansgrohe which adds oxygen to the formation of the water inside the spout; allowing for a more water-conscious time in the kitchen. Added to that is the ComfortZone and QuickClean. The latter refers to the material used in making these taps, which is extremely resistant to the collection of grime, and requires but a simple wipe-down to remain spotless. The former speaks to Hansgrohe´s commitment to the perfect kitchen experience, which includes a zone of optimum comfort for the common kitchen user.


This one is interesting. The combination of pewter and chrome. It may sound slightly garish, but so many people have hopped onto this bandwagon and pulled it off with such sublime aplomb, that you wouldn´t dream of using the word `gaudy´.

Hansgrohe´s range of personalised sinks will come in very handy if this is your thing. Personalise your sink experience with a wide range of colour options, size options and spout abilities.

But even more exciting with this look will be Hansgrohe´s Decor single-lever kitchen mixer with the option for a pull-out spray. Not only does this tap fit snugly in the retro-style apartment or home, it´s practical, efficient with water, and looks like the winner of a vote titled, “sexiest vintage-tap design of the year.” The Decor range will compliment most kitchens, as a stark reminder of a time when we all had to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps.

When it´s over

At the end of the day, the idea is simple; if you want a better time in the kitchen, if you want to save water, if you want to know that you are not contributing to a global age of destruction, if you want proof that you are doing something erstwhile in this world, look no further than Hansgrohe´s 2019 trending products.

Enhance your life and upgrade your experience, with Hansgrohe.

Clean water is becoming increasingly scarce. Do your bit to save water. You can start by retrofitting your tap and shower mixers at home with Hansgrohe EcoSmart technology.

Visit the Hansgrohe Showroom in Johannesburg to see the Rainfinity range in action.

Find a Hansgrohe Retail Store near you by simply entering your postal code. Your search covers: South Africa, Madagascar, Nigeria, Kenya, Botswana, Seychelles, Mauritius, Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Zambia.


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