The Green Mobile Home Has Arrived

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The German RV company Dethleffs have come up with fully contained ‘e.home’ mobile home running on Iveco Daily Electric chassis. The Type C concept motorhome deploys a zero emissions powertrain, plenty of solar charging capability plus smart technology throughout.

Range is not officially stated but Dethleff does suggest that fully loaded the e.home will cover 103 miles (167 km) before a recharge is needed. The battery is good for about 1,500 charges equally around 250,000 km (155,350 miles).

Pic: The alcove bed area includes a starlight projection system (Credit: Dethleffs)

The range has been enhanced by installing 334 sq ft (31 sq m) worth of thin-film solar panels. These panels can generate up to 3,000 watts of electricity to keep the 228-Ah sodium-nickel-chloride battery array charged. Super capacitors allow for faster battery charging and discharging, providing better performance and more efficient power usage.

The concept e.home also features two foil-based technologies, one built into the window panes for darkening the windows for sleep and privacy, and a second in the lighting to create a mirrored surface when the light is turned off. A starlight system casts a starry sky on the ceiling above the alcove bed, lulling occupants to sleep.

Pic: The lounge dining area (Credit: Dethleffs)

Aside of the smart technology, the e.home is still very much a motorhome in looks, comfort and function. There is a comfy sofa lounge/dining area that converts into a bed. There’s also a kitchen, toilet room and flat-panel TV plus an integrated wireless charging pad. A sophisticated heating system using change phase materials rounds off the comfort.

If driven economically, the vehicle is self-charging and will not need external charging at charge stations. The e.home concept is deservedly given off-grid status. Happy eco-friendly travels.

Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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