Hansgrohe’s Tap Mixers- A Commitment to an Environmentally-Friendly Future

Hansgrohe is considered an industry leader in bathroom and kitchen products with good reason – they have more than 600 internationally-recognised design awards to their name; including Red Dot: Best of the Best Award and iF’s GOLD AWARD.

As 2020 burgeons into a fully-fledged year of new products, it’s worth a look at some of the company’s best mixers that are available today, some of which may just be award winners in the future – if not so already!


But first, let’s talk responsibility. Hansgrohe have developed ranges of EcoSmart products which reduce water consumption and waste; as well as other products geared towards making Mother Nature that much safer.

“The responsible use of water is essential for the Hansgrohe Group. We are actively committed to reducing the consumption of water in the production of our products,” says their sustainability report.

Hansgrohe’s EcoSmart products consume up to 60% less water than conventional products, with a lower hot water consumption which adds to massive energy savings in the long run; and the lower CO2 emissions are better for the environment.


The Hansgrohe range of mixers extend between the bathroom and the kitchen, with their product lines being suitable for either.


This is one of the top performers of 2019. The Talis is the all-rounder of Hansgrohe’s mixer options, featuring simple single-pin levers and vented hot water cylinders. With a swivel range of 150 degrees and designed to ComfortZone standards, Talis mixers are a breeze to operate, with some options including a beautiful pull-out spray for that extra bit of flexibility and adaptability.

Talis M51 Kitchen Faucet

Given the heat and water problems in SA, you will be glad to know that the flow rate is set at 5l/m – well below industry standard. This mixer will save you both time and money.


Another top performer is the Metris range, which is a bit more debonair than the other ranges. Featuring unique pyramid-like design elements, this range comes with a massive ComfortZone (space between the mixer, your hands and the sink) allowing for a pleasurable and effortless time in the kitchen or bathroom. There are even options for a pull-out spout.

Hansgrohe’s Metris Select kitchen mixer.

The Select button allows for switching the water on and off easily and the water flow rate fits within the EcoSmart specifications, making it easy on the eyes and the piggy bank at the same time.


 The original, the primary, the forefather. The Decor single-lever, single-jet mixer is a classic. Smooth, undulating design lines combined with a full 360 degree swivel range make this the practical choice for the modern kitchen user, and a treat for the bathroom.

Hansgrohe Decor 280

The Decor is a mixer with AirPower, meaning that the water is infused with little air bubbles before coming out; changing nothing about the effect, but saving a ton of actual water in the process. That’s EcoSmart technology at its finest.


We are finishing off with a classic, this time in the form of the Logis. This range is the safe option for the modern home owner. Options include three swivel ranges, from 110 degrees to the full 360, and you can choose to place the handle on either the left or the right of the spout.

Logis M31 by hansgrohe.

With a conservative flow rate of 7l/m it earns itself an EcoSmart sticker, so you know you aren’t wasting precious droplets. With a midrange ComfortZone and an immortal design, the Logis range is the definition of ‘timeless’.


All of the above mixers are available for both kitchen and bathroom, and come in a variety of different product specifics, so that you can style your home accordingly.

More importantly, they all adhere to Hansgrohe’s commitment to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future.

And that alone is reason enough to invest.

hansgrohe. Sustainable by Design.

Author: GBA News Des

Find a Hansgrohe Retail Store near you . Hansgrohe is present in South Africa, Madagascar, Nigeria, Kenya, Botswana, Seychelles, Mauritius, Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Zambia.

Plumbers have no comebacks when they fit hansgrohe tap and shower mixers EcoSmart technology.

Hansgrohe Tap Mixer


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