Energy Efficiency

Old Habits Die Hard…

Do you switch off the tap when brushing your teeth? Do you make sure the lights are switched off when leaving your bedroom? We are conditioned into certain lifestyle patterns at home which are hard to shake. At school it is no different; small changes in behaviour can make us aware of energy and water wastage.

Pro-active behavior can make a difference through water and energy saving initiatives and programs. In the end, the school learning experience is improved and just as important; money is saved which can be distributed to other worthy programs at your school. The first step is to remind everyone at school to be aware. The best way to achieve this is through intelligent, strategically placed signage.

Another way to get the message across is to lead by example. It’s actually cool to be environmentally friendly and actions speak louder than words. The responsibility starts the school principal and teachers but the pupils who use the school’s facilities on a daily basis are the real catalyst for behavioral change.

Practice Makes Perfect

Change your mindset through practice. Green Your School has a number of user friendly ‘in class’ and ‘take home’ projects centred around saving water and energy. They are fun and involve collective participation so that knowledge is shared through the learning experience. By participating or ‘practising’ environmental awareness in everyday activities, value is unlocked with regard to the associated benefits.

Visit our Tutorials Page, there are exercises to suite all school goers, from pre- primary all the way through to final grade. Remember, building features and products can go a long way to save water and energy at your school but ultimately, the responsibility lies with you.

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