Ways to save

Overview And Incentives

The need to save energy/water on the African continent has become priority. There are now strong incentives for schools to save energy and we believe we are a reliable partner schools need with the experience to assist in these areas. See below for explanations of optimal ways to save for your school or contact us to find out more.

Energy Efficiency

There are strong incentives for School Principles to improve energy efficiency in their school, none more so than the increasing cost of energy.

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Visual Quality

Classes should have as much natural light as possible. This often involves intelligent design which brings the outdoor environment, indoors.

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Waste Management

We need to start thinking about the possible unintended consequences of our decision making, when it comes to disposing of waste at schools.

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Water Conservation

The beauty about water is that it can be recycled. The bigger picture reveals that as our populations grow, a bigger demand is placed on water resources.

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Noise Pollution

The classroom learning environment can be easily disrupted with pupils that get distracted by unnecessary noises.

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Transport Scheduling

The mad rush everyday to get to your school on time can cause major traffic problems around the school area.

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Thermal Comfort

In a perfect world, all classrooms would be naturally ventilated, maintaining a constant temperature throughout the day.

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Outdoor Environment

Learning outdoors in a garden based educational setting can improve academic, social and emotional learning.

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