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  • There is this really cool App that lets you walk through three scenarios of the ice cap melting.
  • Powered by science and data collected by NASA, this app shows you how high seas will rise in relation to where you are standing.
  • If and when the ice caps completely melt, how high will the water get where you are?  

After Ice is an artist intervention via mobile app, a collaboration between visual artist Justin Brice Guariglia and award-winning app development studios Strange Flavour and secondverse.

Powered by science and data collected by NASA, this app shows you how high seas will rise in relation to where you are standing. Will you be underwater by 2080? or sooner? If and when the ice caps completely melt, how high will the water get?

This app lets you visually see climate change impact with NASA’s most current data. The app also uses New York City as a test case to explain the imminent threat it faces as a coastal city with a population of 8.4 million inhabitants.

The app provides key information on what to do, what you should know, and where you can further your own research. Users can also upload screenshots from within the app to their social media accounts to share their views with friends and family.

After Ice will walk you through three scenarios:

1) Total Melt:  This scenario is a very long way off, but if the earth continues to warm, and all the ice melts, there will be over 263 ft (80.32m!)^ of projected sea level rise.

2) 2080’s:  According to the latest projections, the seas will rise over 6ft (2m) by the 2080s*†.  That’s within the lifespan of children alive today.

3) New York City, 2080’s:  In case you don’t live right on the coast, we bring this sea level projection to life by placing you in front of the famous Bull of Wall Street in New York City.  You’ll see what it’s like to stand (or swim) there in the 2080’s*†.

The inspiration for After Ice, concieved by Justin Brice Guariglia, came to him after flying numerous missions over the ice sheets of Greenland with NASA’s Operation Ice Bridge mission, the largest polar ice survey ever conducted, and speaking with many top climate scientists about what they were learning through their work.

“I thought of this app as a way to help quickly visualize what is happening to the planet. We have a serious disconnect from the important existential issues of global warming and melting glaciers. Glaciers live a world away, and in a temporal and spatial scale that evolution has not prepared us to understand. As an artist interested in the existential, and with a great sense of urgency, I feel compelled to make this accessible. We warm the earth, the glaciers melt, and we go under water… Global warming is happening, but it needs to be emotionally felt before people will want to take action. I hope this app will, at the very least, get a conversation going and get some of the science out of the lab, and into people hands.”

Here are the facts regarding melting ice caps.

Experience climate change and the effects of global warming through augmented reality!

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Author: Bryan Groenendaal


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